Dobbins & Marchi Advertising is the brain child of Omicron World Entertainment's publisher Jason J. Marchi and C.E.D. Design & Production's Christopher Dobbins.


D&M Advertising offers full campaign solutions for all types of advertising, from print to television. We are not your typical agency, for it is our mission to bring our clients affordable, creative solutions that bend the barriers of traditional advertising. Located on the Connecticut shoreline, we offer services to local and nationwide clients in a friendly, comfortable atmosphere.



- Ad design/layout for magazine or newsprint

- Logo Design

- Business Cards

- Brochures, Posters, and Flyer Design

- Postcard Design

- Professional Stationary

- CD/DVD cover and package design 

- Copy and tagline writing


- Web Ad design

- Logo Design

- Website Development & Consultation

- Animated Web Ads

- Video Web Ads

- Interactive Story Solutions

- Learning/Teaching Module Develoment

Film & Multimedia Production:

- Video/Television Ad Production

- Motion Graphics & Animation

- Campaign Writing

- Music & Sound Effects Production (Music Videos)

- Video Promotions - Trailers, Teasers and Previews

- Script Writing & Storyboarding

- Animated Books

- Video game writing & conceptualization




If there is anything we have not thought of or listed in our services, just let us know.

We will be happy to accomodate you and your business in any way possible. Our goal to make your business stand out from the crowd while adhering to

your needs as a client.





Coming soon ...



Omicron World Entertainment Motion Graphics Logo


Music & Audio Production


The Legend of Hobbomock: The Sleeping Giant Trailer

The Legend of Hobbomock: The Sleeping Giant  Digital Brochure


We can be reached via email at: 

New website is currently under construction.



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