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Our Independent Creative Partners and Supporters 

People often ask...

"Where did you come
up with the name for
your company?"

Some might recognize that "Omicron" is the name for the Greek letter "O." That fact has nothing to do with our use of the name. In our case the name Omicron comes from the original STAR TREK television series. In particular, an episode titled "Shore Leave."

In this popular episode, written by famed science fiction author Theodore Sturgeon, the Enterprise crew visits an uninhabited world in the Omicron Delta region of space. The crew soon discovers that this Omicron planet is a giant amusement park, albeit a very sophisticated one. Machinery located under the planet's park-like surface is capable of reading one's thoughts, and whatever is being imagined at that moment is made to come true. A person can live out any fantasy or desired―and do so in complete safety. 

In 1995, when Jason J. Marchi founded OmicronWorld Entertainment, he was so enchanted with the idea of an amusement park the size of an entire planet that when it came time to name his entertainment company the title OmicronWorld was the most logical―and emotional―choice.


The OmicronWorld represents a metaphorical "place" or "world" where what can be imagined can be made real. What we do on the OmicronWorld is akin to passing through a looking glass and stepping into a wondrous world of entertainment―a magical place from which many of us would most certainly hesitate to return.


May your escape into entertainment be both enlightening and healthy escape from reality.



The OmicronWorld office is located in the historic seaside town of Guilford, Connecticut, USA, mid-way between the publishing meccas of New York City and Boston. Guilford has its roots as a small agriculture town and--with a current population of around 22,000 residents--maintains much of its rural charm today.

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