SpeKulativeTM Stories Anthology Series

SpeKulativeTM Stories Anthology Series


Publication date: 30 October 2021

A new two-month delay due to getting final permissions completed.

Sorry about that folks, but all good things come eventually.

Hoping the final book will be worth the wait. 

Table of Contents

Short Stories:

 Bruce Holland Rogers   "Riding with Icarus"

Melodie Corrigall   "The Red Card"

William F. Nolan   "The Ragged Edge"

Jack Raglin   "GoogleRide Killed My SD-455"

Kady Ambrose   "Built to Last"

Juleigh Howard-Hobson   "Cindy, My Love"

Dean Wild   "Sooner or Later They'll Play Twilight Time"

Kevin David Anderson   "The Red Spider"

Ray Daley   "Tuck & Roll"

Jean Graham   "The Bettle Imp"

Mike Payne   "The Dashboard"

Georgia Addams   "Homeless"

Matthew Spence   "Road Trip"

Jacqueline Seewald   "The Unexpected"

John H. Dromey   "Wheels of Justice"

Jerrianne Hayslett   "Double Take"

James S. Dorr   "The Christmas Vulture"

Ken MacGregor   "Getaway Car"

Katherine Tomlinson   "The Automancer"

C. Jennings Penders   "Passages"



Marge Simon   "Fast Cars"

Bruce Boston   "Literary Automobile"

Gregory Leavitt   "Off the Portside"

Gerri Leen "Chester and the Model T"


Cover design by Christopher Dobbins of C.E.D. Design & Productions.


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Fequently Asked Questions ...


Q: Are multiple submissions allowed?

A: Yes.


Q: Do you consider previously published stories and poems?

A: Yes. Please tell us where the piece was first published so we can include that information on the copyright page of the book should we choose your work.


Q: What is the rating (G, PG, PG-13, R, X, XXX) of the anthologies?

A: We are shooting for 12+ since we want to appeal to young readers and adults alike. We want to encourage young readers to become life-long readers. Think the writing level of the masters who are beloved by all readers: Ray Bradbury, Richard Matheson, E.A. Poe, Ben Bova, Arthur C. Clarke, Daphne du Maurier, and of course more modern writers who avoid gore, gratuitous sex, and foul language. If you think you have a great story that crosses into the R rated territory send it anyway. If the scenes or language are excessive and we want the story we will ask you to tone the work down in a rewrite. While we, as writers, are sensitive to perceptions or fears of censorship, re-writing to fit a great story into a PG-12 market is not an unreasonable request. Remember Robert Heinlein's 4th rule of professional writing: "Rewrite to editorial demand."