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SpeKulativeTM Stories Anthology Series

SpeKulativeTM Stories Anthology Series


Table of Contents

Short Stories:

Jack Finney   "Second Chance"

M. Richard Eley  "Cosmopolitan" 

Bruce Holland Rogers   "Riding with Icarus"

Melodie Corrigall   "The Red Car"

William F. Nolan   "The Ragged Edge"

Jack Raglin   "GoogleRide Killed My SD-455"

Kady Ambrose   "Built to Last"

Juleigh Howard-Hobson   "Cindy, My Love"

Kevin David Anderson   "The Red Spider"

George Clayton Johnson   "The Freeway"

Ray Daley   "Tuck & Roll"

Jean Graham   "The Beetle Imp"

Mike Payne   "The Dashboard"

Matthew Spence   "Road Trip"

Jacqueline Seewald   "The Unexpected"

John H. Dromey   "Wheels of Justice"

J.R. Hayslett   "Double Take"

James S. Dorr   "The Christmas Vulture"

Ken MacGregor   "Getaway Car"

Katherine Tomlinson   "The Automancer"

C. Jennings Penders   "Passages"

John Cassola  "Contrary Dreams"

Austin Spradlin  "Road to Nowhere"

Jason J. Marchi  "The Hitchhiker"

Georgia Addams  "Final Fredrick"

Pepe Rich  "Homeless"

Laird Long  "Converting to Cash"

Valentin D. Ivanov  "Convention in the Times of Market Crisis" 

Dean Wild   "Sooner or Later They'll Play Twilight Time"

Stephen Scott Whitaker   "With No Regards to Direction"

Nathaniel Lee  "Rusty Fender's Automotive and Repair"

Robbie Sheerin   "Do Humans Dream of Electric Cars?"

Richard Polomsky   "Night Passage"

RC Matheson  "Unknown Drives"

Richard Matheson   "Duel"

John A. McColley  "End of the Road"


Marge Simon   "Fast Cars"

Bruce Boston   "Literary Automobile"

Gregory Leavitt   "Off the Portside"

Jason J. Marchi  "Contents of a Dead Man's Car"

Gerri Leen  "Chester and the Model T"

Sarah Key  "69 Firebird Convertible"

Michael H. Hanson  "She's Not a Car"

Mary Hamrick  "Hot for Elvis"

Cover design by Christopher Dobbins of C.E.D. Design & Productions. 

automobilia cover-FINAL-forweb_and_digital.jpg

AUTOMOBILIA will be available in mid-December 2023 for contributors. The book will be available for the general public in January 2024.

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