Written by award-winning children’s author Jason
J. Marchi, The Legend of Hobbomock: The Sleeping
Giant is a 32 page, hardcover picture storybook that
retells the Quinnipiac Native American pre-colonial
tribal legend of how the Sleeping Giant land form in
Hamden, Connecticut came to look like a giant man
sleeping on his back.

Legend of Hobbomock, hardcover book only

  • ISBN: 978-0-9830945-1-7

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    This is the book only. No DVD of the stills animation video is included at the $16 price.

    The book in signed by the author. If you would like the book personalized to the recipient, you can give us that information when you check out and go to pay.

    • 2015 REVERE Awards Finalist

    • A Mom’s Choice Awards® Silver Recipient.

    • Connecticut Press Club top award for
    Children’s Fiction, as judged by the
    Colorado Press Women.

    • A Barnes & Noble recognized regional bestseller.

    Praise from the REVERE Awards Judges:
    “The Legend of Hobbomock is gorgeous and educational
    and a worthy addition to any home or school bookshelf.”

    “An engaging story [that] would lend itself to folklore
    projects beyond the specific Native American content...
    innovative teachers could adapt it nicely.”

    “Students will be able to relate to the content ...
    and it will spark their interest to learn more about
    Native American tribes and culture in general.”

    "I read 'The Legend of Hobbomock' to my son for school and I was enthralled with the book. It is a wonderful story and as a home schooler the story tied in so well with our geography lesson on land forms as well as our study of folklore and legends. Thanks for the fabulous read!" - Jennifer Traynor

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