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Making Native American studies in the
elementary classroom instructive and fun.

A perennial best-seller for Grades 1 to 5 and Homeschool

• 2015 REVERE Awards Finalist

• A Mom’s Choice Awards® Silver Recipient.

• Connecticut Press Club top award for
Children’s Fiction, as judged by the
Colorado Press Women.

• A Barnes & Noble recognized regional bestseller.

Praise from the REVERE Awards Judges:
“The Legend of Hobbomock is gorgeous and educational and a worthy addition to any home or school bookshelf.”

“An engaging story [that] would lend itself to folklore
projects beyond the specific Native American content...
innovative teachers could adapt it nicely.”

“Students will be able to relate to the content ...
and it will spark their interest to learn more about
Native American tribes and culture in general.”

Legend of Hobbomock Educator Package

  • FREE shipping.

    This educator package includes:

    • Two copies of the Hardcover Book
    • A web link to Ruth Spears' Teaching Activity Guide
    • One copy of the Animated Story/Video version of
    the book for projection in classroom or computer
    display (MP4)
    • One copy in PDF format for projection in classroom
    or computer display
    • One copy of the Audio Book for listening and read-a-long
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